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R + Co Teacup Peacholine + Kombucha Detox Rinse

  • Product Description

      Detox your locks! This light conditioning rinse removes harsh metals and pollutants from your hair, helps prevent color fade-out, and nourishes dry strands. Hair is left smooth, sealed, and protected. 

      Best for: Anyone with dehydrated hair, exposed to harsh pollutants.

      How to: After shampoo and conditioner, apply directly onto scalp and squeeze through hair. Leave on for 1-3minutes. Rinse. Use once a week or as needed.

      Fragrance: Dark Waves - cardamom, pineapple, tangerine, lavender, bamboo, blonde woods

      Benefit Ingredients: 

      Peach Leaf Extract (Peacholine), provides free radical protection + removes pollutants. Helps retain hair color, nourish and prevent breakage + tangles.

      Fremented Kombucha, acts as a magnet to draw out calcium, iron + other mineral deposits to be rinsed away. Delivers shine, strength + smoothing benefits. 

      Eclipta Prostrata (sunflower) Extract, rich in vitamins to fortify hair, calm scalp + impart a healthy sheen while providing potent antioxidant protection. 

      Neem Leaf Extract, imparts balanced hydration, seals cuticle + delivers anti-inflammatory properties to improve scalp circulation.