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Located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, LURE Salon provides the ultimate in image creation with West Coast ease and East Coast glamour.  From design conception to its flawless execution, we deliver the best that the hair and makeup industry has to offer: supreme quality through impeccable service in a truly redefined salon experience.

Recognizing a niche in the fast-paced world of beauty and fashion, Dan Nguyen and Linda Refosco, the founders of LURE Salon, have elevated the salon experience to something utterly transcendental.  Beauty and fashion is our religion, and “service first, quality everlasting” is our mantra.


Taking this approach to achieve absolute image excellence, we employ the most dedicated and talented artists in the industry.  Each and every one of our experienced professionals is part of a diverse background with expert techniques and outstanding skills.


Each client is unique from style preferences to features and with our team’s capable hands, each client receives personalized attention for a customized and original salon experience.  Whether dramatic and daring or classic and refined, the looks developed by the LURE Salon professionals are always distinctive, and always stunning. 


At LURE Salon, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of hairdressing and delivering creativity, quality, and consistency to every client. Walk in beautiful, walk out divine.