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R + Co Cool Wind pH Perfect Air-Dry Creme

  • Product Description

      A pH perfect formula helps to tame and help hair achieve gorgeous styles without the effort of blow drying and styling. This unique, perfectly balanced cream hydrates, controls, tames and softens hair to ease the styling process, so that hair looks beautiful all day long. 

      Best for:  anyone looking to tame frizz and style without blow dryers.

      How to:  work through towel dried hair and style as desired. Then air dry.

      Fragrance:  Dark Waves - cardamom, pineapple, tangerine, lavender, bamboo, blonde woods

      Benefit Ingredients:

      Apricot + Watermelon Extracts: provides hydration to soften + prevent frizz

      Soybean Oil: nourishes, protects + adds suppleness to hair for easy styling 

      Mango Butter: detangles and provides softness + manageability

      Cold Sealing Polymer: designed to prevent frizz, tame styles + provide shine without heat activation

      Vegan + Cruelty Free